Friday, July 23, 2010

Tostado Festival

Philippines is also famous for festivals showcasing the culture of the people. In relation to, this kind of activity will be celebrated in every corners of the country with own uniqueness and style. An example of a festival that I attended to was in Santander, located at the southernmost tip of the Cebu Province. Santander has its own famous delicacy called tostado or toasted cookies in which visitors from other places would crave for this kind of food. According to the folks, the fiesta is not complete without the so called tostado.Thus, Tostado Festival is launched as the main highlight and attraction among other festive activities in the locality. It is in a from of a dance participated by different barangays in town. The concept of the dance is unique because it will feature the steps on how to make the tostado.

Before the start of the contest proper, the participants are having a street dancing competition as well. This is the favorite scenario by the audience as they witness all the contingents in just one moment. What a delight to see all of them performing with their colorful costumes.

Who does not aim to be the champion? Well, everybody is trying to perform their best as you can see. I appreciate the efforts they have despite of being exposed in a hot temperature.

They did it with a happy smile amidst the fact that this festive activity was held on a summertime where the temperature is rising. Keep smiling!

What more I can say? Bring back the energy alive and give the best on the final.

The serious faces of the participants as they are focus on executing
another steps.

I love the way props are executed on this photo. Thus, a perfect shutter click for a good timing dance moves.

Uno, dos, tres!

From the choreography to the costume design, they hit the judges expectation. So, here comes the champion! Congratulations for winning the Tostado Festival 2010 competition.

A few shots during the contest proper. The venue was loaded with folks and visitors from the country itself and abroad.