Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Castle Underneath Sahara Desert

We all are aware of the current situation in Libya. I am writing this blog not to promote tourism but to let people know that such country had a lot to offer for tourists before they ousted their leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Only time can tell when we can travel and enjoy such beautiful country which was once rich in culture and history.

My journey with my friends was on the Fezzan region, a 2 hour drive headed south from Sebha City. There I got the chance to look outside Germa Museum where ancient tools from Berber civilization were kept. Sad to say it was closed. So, my trip was continued a few meters from the said museum. I was amazed to witness what my eyes saw!

Lost Fortresses of Sahara.

The deserted remains was Libya's first indigenous empire where once the capital city of the ancient Berber Garamantian Kingdom. Garamantes were skillful on horse and chariots. Various paintings and drawings attested on that when the tour guide shared some photos of the tribe's inhabitants. As I continued to gather information about this lost kingdom, I came to know that before the civil war, respective researchers from Europe came and they revealed through satellite images that more than one hundred "fortified farms and villages with castle-like structures and several towns" still buried beneath the desert's sand. A true picture will take decades if not centuries to complete especially what the country is facing at the present time.

Panoramic view of the empire that I took on top of the fortress.
The present Germa. This was outside the wall.
The railway.
A rode in the past.
Interesting wall divisions.
This must be an important structure of the ancient empire.
Irrigation system.

Au revoir. Until next time. 

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