Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One sunny day, as I come to visit this place with my family and relatives I took advantage to take a walk and no other thing popped up inside my mind. Guess what? It's the lovely beach there. As you could see on the photo where I clicked my shutter button what would be much of an appreciation were the calm and peaceful environment as it went along with the sea. It is perfect for boat sailing and kayaking. To add up, this place was located at the center of the town facing the island of fire-Siquijor. Truly a good area to feel light and to concentrate. Thus, a helpful one to avoid from any kind of disturbance.

Try to focus on the picture even if at its smallest detail. Did you notice something? Here is the clue. Are you the type to take adventure from one place to another by means of island hopping? You are almost there. Take a look back at the photo again somewhat looking a horizon. There you are. What it shows is the island of Sumilon just like a small curvature of a line. Are you interested now for this kind of activity? Don't miss it out.

This is the seaport of Lilo-an Santander, Cebu for fast ferry going to Sibulan Negros Oriental.

These are the pump boats in Lilo-an Santander, Cebu mainly for passengers too going to the same seaport in Sibulan, Negros Oriental. It is located just very near to the seaport of fast ferry on the above picture.

Here in Lilo-an Santander, Cebu a number of beaches are usually found. The location is of great advantage for people who will go to neighboring islands because of its seaports as shown on the above photos.

This is the water of the seaport in Lilo-an Santander, Cebu. It is very clear as you can see. Something to be proud of.

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