Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sumilon Island

When I was on top of this small paradise my gaze meets its neighboring islands like Cebu Province, Negros Oriental, Siquijor, and Apo Island. It was a breath taking feeling knowing that my feet landed on a location which was at the center of the bodies of water surrounded by the above mentioned islands.
There, I enjoyed myself taking pictures as I focused my lens facing Cebu Province specifically Oslob, Cebu a place to get started in order to reach the beautiful island.

In addition, I added clicks on the rocky edges again where a tree is freely growing and almost lying down as it branched out into a direction towards the water. One step on the tree as if a good point for diving and you will fall into the deep blue sea.From there, a fine white sand could be felt directly on the bare feet. However, my attention was caught on the white coral reefs under the light of the sun located nearly the edges. The more it is attracted to look at with just the naked eyes because of its different details.

Moreover, I zoomed out the lens to have a better picture on the underwater. There you could see a combination of white sand and rock. Splashing into this crystal clear water is surely something for everyone to take into action and cherish.

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